Digital Marketing Course Ahmedabad

Our Course train the students to build, grow and scale any company's brand and identity through images, symbols, words & fonts.

Digital Designing & marketing Course amalgamates Technical Skills, Software Learnings and Design Expertise together. The students will be undergoing commercial and conceptual design Learning with understanding the basics of advertising, its practices, and how it can be used in the digital world. The growing Digital space creates a pool of opportunities for designers and visionaries today. With this course, the students will learn to tap into these spaces, and create Innovative, Experiential, creative and technically sound Designs. The course also comprises study of Visual Elements & Principles, Marketing Concepts and Strategies, different  Design medias, and Channels, and how they affect each other and how they can work together in a Brand’s Digital Marketing Strategy. By the end of the course you will understand the use of Visual Components & Marketing plan of action to create Digital Designs of a company with ease & confidence.

What You'll Learn

  • Digital Advertising Concepts
  • Typography Design
  • Digital Artworks-Adobe Illustrator CC 2021
  • Digital Imaging –Adobe Photoshop CC 2021
  • Sound Composition – Adobe Audition CC 2021
  • Digital Video Techniques- Adobe Premier Pro CC 2021
  • Design Communication Design Portfolio- Project
  • Marketing Basics
  • Search Optimization Techniques
  • Internet Advertising with Search Network
  • Creative Display Ad Solutions
  • Email Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Creative Display Ad Solutions